The Khadi and Village Industries Commission then uses these funds to implement its programs either directly – Through its 29 state offices, by directly funding Khadi and Village institutions and co-operatives, or indirectly through 33 Khadi and  Village Industries Boards, which are statutory bodies formed by the state …Khadi  khaddar is handspun, hand-woven natural fiber cloth from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan mainly made out of cotton.. The cloth is usually woven from cotton and may also include silk, or wool, which are all spun into yarn on a spinning wheel called a charkha.

Khadi is also known by another name  It is made by spinning the threads on an instrument known as However many varieties of khadi like khadi silk, khadi wool and khadi cotton are available now, which makes it a fashionable fabric and likeable by the masses. Its concept was developed by Mahatma Gandhi.

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